Student Activities

Student Activities Committee - This Middle School group consists of two separate committees; Recycling Team and Social Awareness Team. Students work with the assistant principal and a teacher moderator to plan a variety of events and activities to involve students sharing with others. These committees offer students in grades 6-8 an opportunity to grow in leadership and responsibility.

National Junior Honor Society - Membership in NJHS is based on national guidelines and local standards. Students in grades six through eight are invited to become members each year based on exemplary academic achievement (an A average in each major subject) followed by demonstrated leadership, service to the school and parish, and good character.

Instrumental Music - This program is open to students in grades four through eight. It is offered as an extra-curricular activity. All band students take lessons once a week during the school day and have recess or after school practices depending on their group. Parents who want their child to participate in this program sign a contract directly with the Instrumental Music Program of Columbia, MD who sets all fees. Our band has been ranked #1 many times over!

Safety Patrol - Middle School Students are able to volunteer for this activity. It is a service to their school. They assist at morning arrival and afternoon dismissal in order to assure procedures are followed and all are safe.

Altar Servers - Sixth through eighth grade students have the opportunity to be trained to assist the priest on the altar during Mass or other liturgical celebrations. These students participate in parish and school liturgies. Commitment is an important part of this activity.

Student Ushers - This is a volunteer group of 8th grade students, willing to give service to their school community through ushering at school liturgies and graduation.

Music Ministry - Fourth and fifth grade students volunteer to become part of this program. Students taking advantage of this activity have opportunities to cantor, become part of the choir, and contribute to the liturgy.

Track & Field Team - The students in grades 4-8 are able to try out for the school team in the spring. The team competes in one meet. The team is coached by the PE teacher, Mr. D'Adamo.

Cross Country - In the fall of each year, the school participates in Cross Country competition with neighboring schools. This group is open to all who want to run, sprint, and enjoy sports. Students in grades four through eight take part in this program.

Peer Mediators - A select group of trained middle school students, under the supervision of our School Consultant, offer students the opportunity to work out problems and find agreed solutions to disputes.

Reading Buddies - This is a program designed to provide a chance for our older students to mentor their younger schoolmates. Each grade is assigned a "Buddy Class". Students meet to share experiences such as reading, writing, or special day activities.

Talent Show / Middle School Play - Held in alternating years, these performance opportunities allow students to showcase their talents, whether on stage or behind the scenes.

Red Ribbon Parade - This annual event is held in October to promote a drug-free lifestyle. Students in any grade may participate.

Art & Writing Contests - Community organizations sponsoring these contests contact teachers and they in turn make the opportunity available to students. Saint Joseph Students have received awards in both Art and Writing Competitions.

School & Archdiocesan Spelling Bees - St. Joseph School holds an annual Spelling Bee each spring for its students. Champions are named in the primary, intermediate, and middle school grades. A School Winner is also determined. Top spellers are asked to represent our school in the Archdiocesan Spelling Bee.

Academic Competitions - Middle School students may participate in a variety of academic competitions hosted by area high schools. Teams meet after school with a moderator to prepare as needed.

Educational Field Trips - Students are expected to participate in the planned trips for their class. These trips serve an educational purpose and enhance the classroom curriculum. Information is sent to parents and signed permission is necessary for all trips.

Child Safe - This is a program offered to grades kindergarten, five, and eight. Catholic Charities Children Continuum sponsors it. This program is designed to provide personal safety skills and help children know how to tell supportive adults if situations occur. Our school counselors facilitate this program.

School Masses - School Masses are planned by a committee of teachers and are child oriented. Students also attend regular 8:15 a.m. Parish Mass every Wednesday throughout the school year.

Prayer Services - Led by students, faculty, deacons, or a parish priest, prayer services are an integral part of the student's prayer life at St. Joseph.

Stations of the Cross - Students in grades 3-8 participate in the Stations of the Cross in church on Fridays during Lent. K-2 experience the Stations through video or other teacher initiated activities.

Living Rosary - We honor Mary in the month of May. The Living Rosary is one way students actively show devotion to The Blessed Mother. This devotional celebration involves students from all grades. It concludes with traditional May hymns and the Crowning of Mary.

Reconciliation - Students in grades two through eight receive this sacrament at school twice a year during Advent and Lent.

Sacramental Programs - During second grade, students prepare for and celebrate the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist. In the eight grade, students begin their preparation for Confirmation. Our sacramental programs are a part of the parish's overall Christian Formation Program. Parents are an integral part of the teaching and preparation for the sacraments. (Confirmation is celebrated in ninth grade under the direction of the Office of Youth Ministry.) St. Joseph's CCD Religious Education Web Site