Attention St. Joseph School Volunteers

Volunteering is the lifeblood of Catholic schools.  We welcome all parents to be actively involved in their child’s education by volunteering their services to our school. Every year the school office and Home and School Association send home lists of activities and services that need adult help. Some of these jobs require your presence at school during the school day, many don't! Some can be done at home or over the weekends. Click here to view the Volunteer Opportunity Lists.

As you may be aware, The Archdiocese of Baltimore has developed a new digital volunteer screening process.  Any person who wishes to volunteer for St. Joseph School-Fullerton, in any capacity, must be Shield the Vulnerable compliant through this process.

Please read the following whether or not you are already STAND/Shield the Vulnerable trained.

For NEW Volunteers

Please register at www.shieldthevulnerable.org. All training and documentation will take place through that website. You will be asked to provide 3 references. **PLEASE NOTE: You  must ask these 3 references to complete the Archdiocese of Baltimore Reference Check for Volunteers form and return all 3 forms to the St. Joseph School volunteer coordinator. Click here for the electronic version of the form. It is also available from the link below. Please read the letter below for more information. 

SJS New Volunteer Instruction Letter

Archdiocese of Baltimore Reference Check for Volunteers form (electronic version)

Printable PDF of Reference Check for Volunteers form


For Volunteers who were originally STAND trained in 2009 or earlier

You will need to register at www.shieldthevulnerable.org and take the new training before March 31, 2015. If you were re-screened in the past 5 years you DO NOT need to submit a new screening. You will need to enter the date of your most recent screening and you will be reminded when it is time to submit a new screening.


For Volunteers who were STAND trained after 2009

You will need to register at www.shieldthevulnerable.org. You do not need to watch the new training video at this time. When it is time to renew your STAND, you will submit a screening as well as take the training.


***Electronic Volunteer Reference Check Form 1

School Volunteers

  • Milk Assistant: (11:30 to 12:00; monthly schedule, count out milk for rooms)
  • Class Mother or Father (assist HR teacher with parties, trips, phone calls, etc.)
  • Assistant Class Mother or Father
  • Lunch / Recess Duty (11:45 to 12:30; monthly schedule; help supervise on the playground or in the classroom; grades 1-3, 4-5, or 6-8)
  • Print Room (1/2 a day AM or PM, weekly or twice a month; duplicating worksheets, class work, etc. Training provided. User Friendly machine!!)

Home And School Association  

Family Bowling: lane check-in, food, siblings welcome

Skateland:  check in, food,

Outerwear Sale: collecting orders, distributing

Chik-Fil-A Night: raffles, coupons

5K: (April) planning, and/or day of event

Ice Skating: (Dec) ticket seller, rink help, siblings welcomed

Pictures Day: money counters, proof distributions (daytime hours) phone people, siblings welcome

                8th Grade Composite

Hot Lunch Program: (Oct-May) monty counters, and lunch distribution, daytime Tuesday or Thursday (Pizza)

                Pizza Day
                Hot Dog Day
                Chick-fil-a Day
                Hamburger Day
                Subway Day
                Arby’s Day
                Good Taste Catering
Grandparents Day: Classroom, church, parking lot (NO SIBLINGS)

Campbell's Labels: cut, tally orders, and bundle labels at home

Innisbrook Wrapping Paper: (Sept./Oct.) count orders, help distribute

Santa Secret Workshop: helps Santa with production summer-winter

Family Bingo: help at door, food sales, raffles, etc.

Cash Bingo: food, ticket sales, raffles, help at door, runners

Kids Coupon Books: Distribute books, collect money, coordinate with classes

Lunch with Santa: crafts, food, games

Candy Sale: tally orders, distribute items

Used Uniform Sale: (May) help collecting sale items and with sales

Wine Tasting/Casino Night: planning, sales, raffles, baskets

Spirit Night: Monthly restaurant night -

Joe Corbi's Pizza: tally orders, distribute items

Milk Duty: distribute milk daily

Golf Tournament: (Father's Club) planning, day of event activities

Father's Club Father/Daughter Event: (Jan.) planning, night of event

Father's Club Mother/Son event (April) planning, night of event