Online Registration Inquiry Form

Admission to SJS will be based on availability, previous school records and completion of SJS’s academic testing in math and reading later in the spring. Families must be officially registered in St. Joseph (Fullerton) Parish to receive priority over other applicants as per the School Board’s policy.  You will be notified by phone of your registration appointment or your status on a waiting list.  If a waiting list should be necessary, names, in prioritized order, will be held until January 1 of the following year.

Kindergarten Student must be 5 years of age by        Sept. 1, 2016

Pre-Kindergarten Student must be 4 years of age by Sept. 1, 2016

In order to receive the parishioner discount, the child’s parent(s) must be officially active members registered in our parish (i.e. be Catholic, have a registration on file in the rectory, using parish envelopes and worshiping at St. Joseph regularly). Special arrangements have been made for Parishioners of St. Isaac Jogues Parish and OLQP.